Thursday, October 6, 2011

Walk Pictures and PBA testimony




We are getting such good reports back about the Walk! So many people contributed to its success - notably you who attended! I want to especially thank these people: Brother Peter from St. Benedict's Center/Immaculate Heart of Mary School, who did a lovely job leading us in prayer, David Cross, Ken Evans, Ed Nazzaro, Janet Callahan, and Andrew McLaughlin, who were the people behind the scenes, without whom nothing could happen. Ed Boylan is the official MCFL photographer. His pictures always tell the story of the event. They are posted along with others people have sent.

Yesterday, pro-lifers from across the state attended Judiciary Committee hearings to testify in favor of a state Partial Birth Abortion Ban. For more than five hours we listened to testimony about bills on animal protection. People talked about morality, cruelty, judging us by how we treat animals, about giving animals a chance, etc. We thought how well they expressed our case against Partial Birth Abortion. Finally, into the evening, Marie O'Donnell was able to testify. She pointed out that, every twenty seconds in this country, we treat an unborn baby worse than these animals are treated.

It is necessary for those of you who were there and everyone else who couldn't be there to email testimony. If you want, you can reply to this email and Eva will take it to the Judiciary Committee or you can email directly to the Chair, Rep Eugene O'Flaherty, and ask him to share with members of the Committee. We suggest that you include the diagram and description,

You may wonder why we need a state ban since there is already a federal ban. This is the answer, "While we applaud the federal ban of partial birth abortions and the Supreme Court's restraint in upholding that law, the federal ban unfortunately is not enough to prevent the barbaric practice. Federal law is just that: federal. In order to implicate a federal criminal law, there must be some connection to federal land or property to confer jurisdiction, such as the crime taking place in a national park, across state lines, or even on the property of the United States postal service. Absent such a connection, the national law does not criminalize local actions. Each state, therefore, must pass its own partial birth abortion ban in order to protect children from this brutal death."

Your testimony is needed! Please send today or tomorrow. Thanks! Anne








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