Sunday, October 9, 2011

Elizabeth Warren, favorite of Emily's List



Even before she announced that she was running for the Democratic nomination against Sen. Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren received the endorsement of Emily's List, which endorses, and bundles money for, only the most pro-abortion of women. They will touch a male candidate only if he is running against a staunch pro-life incumbent. In January of 2010 E.L .bundled at least $5,000,000 for Martha Coakley. As you would expect, Warren is top-tier pro-abortion.

At the Harvard Law School graduation last spring, the student speaker talked about his classmates knowing what is best for people and urged them to get in positions where they can regulate the lives of others - since they know best. I could just see Elizabeth Warren as the ventriloquist looming large behind him as he spoke. This is how George Will describes her.  

So many people, most recently leaders of the Tea Party, are making negative noises about Senator Brown I must remind you that we all worked very for Scott because we knew he would vote against abortion funding in all areas, and against Obamacare. He has voted as he promised and also cast some excellent judicial votes.

The right-to-life vote is a real political powerhouse because we stick to our issue exclusively and are 100% loyal to our incumbents.

Be un-PC. Enjoy Columbus Day Weekend. Anne







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