Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Academy Week Four Video


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For on-line students and all of you who are interested, here is Week Four of the Summer Academy. Dr Micheline Matthews-Roth speaks on stem cells. Matt Hanafin, member of the MCFL Board, and William Keough speak about distortion of language.

We are most grateful to all of them! Anne                                                              


In case you missed any of weeks one through three, here they are.

Week 1: David Franks, PhD., Chair MCFL Board speaks about "Anthropology, Ethics, and Human Rights" and Tom Day, Esq., Regional Coordinator, Pioneer Valley Region and member of the MCFL Board, talks about Roe v Wade, Doe v Bolton, their antecedents and progeny, were extremely informative and very well-received. 

Week 2: Linda Thayer not only gives her excellent presentation on pre-natal development but also gives the students tips on how they can present to information to others.

Week 3: Chris, Elaine, and Corinne, counselors at Problem Pregnancy in Worcester and Cori, who had an abortion years ago, share experiences with the students. 










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