Sunday, August 28, 2011

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There has been so much news recently that is of interest to pro-lifers, some encouraging and some awful. I thought Irene would give us a chance to catch up.

There is also more important material on Doctor Prescribed Suicide which I am going to send separately so you can keep that all together. I have been very pleased to realize how well people are informing themselves on DPS. Thank you! Anne





Speaking of suicide, there is a new book by a former NYT reporter on how she helped her mother starve to death,


When Steve Mosher spoke at our Convention last spring, everyone was so impressed - especially the young people. He told us he was going to Russia to help them with ways to stop their national suicide. His video from Russia is excellent.



Medicare is due to become insolvent in 2016, with long-term unfunded liabilities exceeding $38 trillion. Congress did not include a permanent way to repeal and pay for the cuts to physician reimbursement rates in their health care bills. Instead, they added a similar and even more unlikely "fix" for Medicare: more than $500 billion in cuts to the program.


Many people are aborting one twin in order to have only one child - the NYT sees a lot of good,


The pro-abs always claim that more contraception will cut down on the number of abortions. Their research arm, the Guttmacher Institute, shows this is not the case,


A much smaller percentage of doctors are doing abortions!


Obstetrics & Gynecology:




September 2011 - Volume 118 - Issue 3 - p 609-614

doi: 10.1097/AOG.0b013e31822ad973

Original Research

Abortion Provision Among Practicing Obstetrician-GynecologistStulberg, Debra B. MD, MAPP; Dude, Annie M. MD, PhD; Dahlquist, Irma BS; Curlin, Farr A. MD


OBJECTIVE: To estimate prevalence and correlates of abortion provision among practicing obstetrician-gynecologists (ob-gyns) in the United States.

METHODS: We conducted a national probability sample mail survey of 1,800 practicing ob-gyns. Key variables included whether respondents ever encountered patients seeking abortions in their practice and whether they provided abortion services. Correlates of providing abortion included physician demographic characteristics, religious affiliation, religiosity, and the religious affiliation of the facility in which a physician primarily practices.

RESULTS: Among practicing ob-gyns, 97% encountered patients seeking abortions, whereas 14% performed them. Female physicians were more likely to provide abortions than were male (18.6% compared with 10.6%, adjusted odds ratio 2.54, 95% confidence interval 1.57-4.08), as were those in the youngest age group, those in the Northeast or West, those in highly urban postal codes, and those who identify as being Jewish. Catholics, Evangelical Protestants, non-Evangelical Protestants, and physicians with high religious motivation were less likely to provide abortions.

CONCLUSION: The proportion of U.S. ob-gyns who provide abortions may be lower than estimated in previous research. Access to abortion remains limited by the willingness of physicians to provide abortion services, particularly in rural communities and in the South and Midwest.


Public opinion polls continue trending pro-life!


gallop pol 




And Obamacare - it develops that the White House spent millions of dollars of our money to "sell" O-care. Why is that not surprising?!








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