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Our new best friends to fight Doctor Prescribed Suicide


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Massachusetts has been targeted! We must prepare!  This will be a huge job!  We are working on setting up a committee to fight this horrendous petition. 

Each of us individually needs must talk to as many people as possible.  When you do, you will find that people are not well-informed.  They do not realize that doctors can control pain, that most people who consider suicide are depressed and need help for that, and they do not realize the extent of elder abuse.  Please talk to people.  That will help you become more persuasive.  These web sites will help you to answer the questions you are hearing.:



We were checking MCFL News archives and found this article by Dr. Stanton who was among the first to recognize the dangers in euthanasia and assisted suicide. http://massprolife.com/euthanasia/43-reflective-articles/193-dr-joseph-stanton-against-doctor-prescribed-death.html 

Please bookmark these websites and consult them regularly. We can do this!   Anne



In Massachusetts, more people die annually from suicide than from motor vehicle accidents.  [CDC National Vital Statistics Reports, Apr. 24, 2008] In 2007, the state's suicide rate (8.0 per 100,000 people) was almost three times higher than the homicide rate (2.9 per 100,000 people).

According to Elder Abuse Daily, more than 1 in 10 Massachusetts elders are victims of abuse.

Current law regarding assisted suicide

Assisted suicide, including doctor-prescribed suicide, is a common law crime in Massachusetts.

Attempts to permit doctor-prescribed suicide

Bills were proposed in:
1995 (H 3173)
1997 (H 1543)
2009 (H 1468)
2011 (H 2233)

On August 2, 2011, supporters of doctor-prescribed suicide filed a petition seeking to put a measure called the Massachusetts "Death With Dignity Act" on the 2012 ballot. The proposal is virtually identical to their previous legislative attempts and mirrors the Oregon and Washington laws by the same name. The process for the measure actually reaching the voters requires several steps:

  • The legal language on the petition must be approved by Attorney General Martha Coakley.
  • The signatures of at least 68,911 registered voters must be obtained by mid-November.
  • If the signature drive is successful, lawmakers have until May 2012 to either back the proposal, offer an alternative proposal, or permit the measure to go onto the November 2012 ballot.
  • If the measure gets the go ahead to be placed on the November 2012 ballot, an addition 11,485 signatures must be collected.


"Drive begins to put assisted suicide law on the ballot next year"
(Boston Globe - August 4, 2011)
Backer of assisted suicide for certain terminally ill patients filed paperwork yesterday with Attorney General Martha Coakley to begin the process of bringing their plan, dubbed the Death with Dignity Act to the 2012 ballot.

"Backers of assisted suicide want 2012 ballot question in Mass."
(Milford Daily News - August 4, 2011)
A ballot question that would pave the way for assisted suicide for some terminally ill patients in Massachusetts could land in front of voters next year. Rep. Louis Kafka, D-Stoughton, who filed a bill earlier this year that resembles the assisted suicide ballot proposal, said the ballot initiative could draw more attention to the issue.





For more information about the Pro-Life cause in Massachusetts or to get involved  
 please visit our website at massprolife.com.


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