Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Norm Walker, RIP


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Norm Walker was a champion in every way - the winningest football coach in both New England public high schools and in New England private schools. This pro-life champion ran for Congress against Fr. Robert Drinan in 1978 because someone had to. Norm's candidacy highlighted the scandal of a Catholic priest who, as a Congressman, publicly supported abortion. Those who know say that the Vatican's ultimatum to priests in elective office in 1980 was a direct result of Norm having run. While the rest of us were castigating Fr Drinan, sweet, charitable Norm always prayed for Drinan and looked for the best in him.

Norman and his beautiful wife, Phyllis, their eight surviving children, 18 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren all fought his long and valiant fight against brain cancer. Because of the cancer, Norm sometimes had trouble remembering specifics. Neither he nor Phyllis ever got irritated by that. When a person is ill and under stress, his real character comes out and, as I say, Norm was a champion, as is Phyllis.

I'll be driving up to the funeral on Friday if any of you would like a ride. Anne








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