Monday, May 16, 2011

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from Janet Callahan

Many thanks to all the Mother's Day Rose Drive coordinators and anyone who supported them.  Early returns indicate that this is a very good year!  If your Church (Catholic or not) does not do a Rose Drive, please consider helping us out with this important fundraiser.  You can do a Rose Drive any time.  Memorial Day and Father's Day are good.  Another possibility is red roses for Pentecost (June 12th).  Looking ahead, any Sunday in October for Respect Life Month works.  Please contact me at or 617-242-4199 ext. 230.

from Helen Cross:
Distributors Wanted! Help spread the pro-life message!
The MCFL News is chock full of the latest information on both pro-life state and national legislative activity. Find out what MCFL chapter members and individuals are doing to promote respect for life. Read informative and entertaining feature stories and coverage of our recent MCFL Convention speakers who presented a variety of topics from the Constitutionality of Obamacare to forced abortion and the Roots of China's one-child only policy.
We need you to leave newspapers at your church, community center, gym,etc. or distribute them to your friends and neighbors. Please contact: Janet Callahan at: or 617-242-4199 ext.230. or me at:
from Linda Thayer:
Education is a key to our protection of human life. During the past few months, MCFL has trained several new speakers who are eager to come to your church or social group to defend human life.  Please contact any of these groups in your area to encourage them to have a pro-life speaker.  Please call our office at 617-242-4199 X 230 to schedule a speaker.  Someone's life depends on it!
from Madeline McComish:
Sincere Thanks to all the pro-lifers in the Sixth Worcester State Representative District who worked so hard to elect Peter Durant. Peter won the election with a 56 vote margin.  Congratulations, also, to the members of the MCFL State Political Action Committee. The  PAC called and mailed to close to 1000 people twice as well as a couple of emails and sent out almost 8,000 Dear Friend cards for our people to send to their friends.
The State PAC also worked for Jim Dixon, a great pro-lifer. Unfortunately, Jim was defeated. 

For more information about the Pro-Life cause in Massachusetts or to get involved  
 please visit our website at

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