Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Public Health Comm. - Pro-lifers Not Allowed to Testify


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 Flash:  Peter Durant won the State Rep race in the 6th Worcester.  Unfortunately, Jim Dixon was defeated.  Madeline McComish and the Sate PAC did a great job!


Linda, Eva, and I, along with many other pro-lifers, attended the hearings yesterday of the Joint Committee on Public Health.  We all duly registered to testify and entered at 10:00 am. 


If you have been to hearings, you know that legislators who have sponsored  bills testify first, followed by other legislators, then by panels and the general public.  Thankfully, Rep Jim Lyons, not a sponsor, testified against HB 629 that would allow adults other than the parents, like school employees, to approve abortions for minor girls and would lower the age of "minor" from 18 to 16.


Rep Betty Poirier sponsored a bill to cease funding embryonic stem cell research.  She was in the room but not recognized.   About 12:20 pm, the Sen. Chair Susan Fargo announced that the Committee had to be out of the room by 1:00pm.  She made no attempt to cover bills that had not been addressed.  She just finished with the panel that was "on".


Of course, we had already submitted our written testimony.  Our first reaction was to demand another hearing.  I think the most effective way to influence the Committee, however, will be for them to receive testimony from hundreds of people like you.

These are our positions on the bills.

Please copy and paste - and add something if you wish.  Email to each member of the committee.  You can address to Susan Fargo and Jeffrey Sanchez and Bcc the others.  That way you have to send only one email.   It would have been a very good idea to send something anyway, but the fact that our issues were not addressed makes it imperative! 

Thank you for all your great work!  Anne



Senate Chair,

Senate Members


House Chair,

House Members




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