Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bill would wipe out Parental Consent for minors seeking abortions


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On Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 10:00am in Room A - 1, the Joint Committee on Public Health will hear testimony on two very important pro-life bills which we support and three anti-life bills, one of which would allow almost anyone to refer a minor girl for an abortion, which we oppose.


Eva Murphy, MCFL Legislative director, Linda Thayer, MCFL Vice-President, Educational Affairs, and I will testify.  We invite you to testify also.  It is most effective to appear in person but sending written testimony is also very helpful.

We support:

HB 611, sponsored by Rep. Betty Poirier (R-North Attleboro), which bans embryonic stem cell research in the state, and prevents embryos from being used in research from the point of fertilization. This bill would end ESCR which kills little human beings and doesn't work and encouragethe use of effective and moral  adult skin cells.

HB 3295, sponsored by Sen. Richard Ross (R-North Attleboro) and Rep. Sheila Harrington (R-Groton) would require physicians performing abortions on unborn babies who are over 20 weeks old to anesthetize the babies.  We had written a bill, like the one now law in three states, which would outlaw all abortions after 20 weeks because the babies feel pain, but the sponsors felt this bill was the place to start. It brings out the fact that all scientists agree that these babies feel pain and, we hope, will make mothers and the general public think.

We oppose:  

HB 629, sponsored by Rep. Ellen Story (D-Amherst), which would expand the definition of an "authorized individual" who can give consent for a minor girl from parents, a legal guardian, or a judge to another adult family member, a judge, or a "mental health professional" such as any school personnel.  It would also lower the age at which a girl can decide on her own to have an abortion from 18 to 16!

HB 1540, sponsored by Rep. Tim Toomey (D-Cambridge), would "establish a program of community based health and sexuality education services provided by comprehensive family planning agencies." The state would be contracting with Planned Parenthood to further their abortion/contraceptive agenda for youngsters.  This is one of the bills which will help to implement the plans for Maria Talks to be the basis of school programs!

SB 1102, sponsored by Sen. Jennifer Flanagan (D-Leominster), directs the Department of Public health to establish community based health and sexuality education services.  It is another attempt to implement the Maria Talks agenda while excluding parents and encouraging inappropriate behavior.

Your participation is very important.  Please come to the State House on Tuesday to testify in support of HB 611 and HB 3295 and in opposition to HB 629, HB 1540, and SB 1102.

If you are unable to get to the State House, please write testimony and email it to both Chairmen of the Committee with the request that it be shared with members of the Committee.  You may do that prior to Tuesday or any day next week.  and

If you are represented by any member of the committee, please be sure to contact him or her personally to express support for HB 611 and HB 3295 and opposition to HB 629, HB 1540, and SB 1102.


Senate Members

Susan Fargo, Chair

Harriette Chandler, Vice-Chair

Katherine Clark

Michael F. Rush

James E. Timilty

Robert L. Hedlund


House Members

Jeffrey Sanchez, Chair

Jason Lewis, Vice-Chair

Christopher G. Fallon

Ruth B. Balser

Carl M. Scirotino, Jr

Carolyn C. Dykema

Denise C. Garlick

John J. Mahoney

Paul Adams

George T. Ross

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