Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Choose Life, Your Mother Did"


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Today I am reminded of that old, appropriate bumper sticker!  There are so many wonderful Moms around us!

We just finished the Rose Drive at our church.  I know many of you are in the same position.  I cannot tell you how important the Drives are to our life-saving work!

Recently I heard that St Francis said, "Preach the Gospel.  If you have to, use words".   As we do Rose Drives, we preach the Gospel of Life.

At our church we have at least eight little girls from China, ages four to nine or so.  Four of them were sitting near me this morning all dressed up for the May Procession. 

Every week during the Children's Mass, a young man with "special needs" paces back and forth in front of the altar.  This morning he paced in front of the pastor during the homily.  There are hundreds of children in the church.  Not one draws attention to the young man. 

Last night, a woman with Down Syndrome came out of church with her parents.  She gave me her money, took her rose, and whispered to me, while pointing, that it was for her mother.  This morning a mother and her son, who has Down Syndrome, stopped by to thank us for all we do.

I had planned to send a lofty poem to recognize all you special mothers, grandmothers, God mothers, and mothers at heart but I think your actions are more meaningful than a poem.

Thank you for being who you are and so faithfully doing what you do!

Happy Mothers' Day!








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