Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scary vote in US Senate tomorrow - you need to call!


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 Tomorrow, Harry Reid plans to vote on a very scary judicial appointment!

Gordon Liu is a favorite of NARAL (advertised all over their home page).  He is nominated for the U. S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit.  It is the most liberal in the country (California and neighborhood).  Folks who know say Liu would be the left-most member.

We are very concerned because Lui advocates deferring to foreign law.  That would enshrine abortion in a way that it could not be outlawed - ever.

Our concern is cloture.  If there is a vote, Liu will be confirmed, so we must have Sen. Brown vote against cloture!

We must all call Senator Brown to urge him to VOTE AGAINST CLOTURE ON LIU.  The vote against cloture will be counted by the movement!  (202) 224-4543

This is a case where your call can make a real difference.  Thanks!  Anne





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