Thursday, February 11, 2010

Worcester: Pro-Life car needed

Stop Planned Parenthood in Fitchburg will hold continuous Mon-Fri vigils from 3:45-5PM at 391 Main St. Fitchburg, Sat noon-2PM, Sundays off.

Counselors at Problem Pregnancy are looking for a second hand car for sale (or
donation) for one of their clients.
Feb 11 MCFL conference canceled because speakers could not fly in inclement weather
Feb 13 Sat 9-10AM Prayer Vigil Protest in front of Planned Parenthood, 472 Pleasant. St Worcester.  Please park on the street.  An abortion Saturday.
Feb 13 Sat noon-2PM 391 Main St. Fitchburg Glorious Mysteries protest.
Feb 14 Sun 3-4PM Holy hour for Life on  St. Valentine's Day, St. Raphael's High St. W.Medford

Feb 16 Tues – Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, eat what you're giving up for Lent!
Feb 16 Tues 7PM Fitchburg City Council, please call and ask councilors to keep Planned Parenthood out of Fitchburg
Feb 17 – Mar28 40 Days for Life,
Feb 18 Blessed Sacrament parish covers 40 Days for Life
Feb 19 Fri 7PM Rosary and short Bible Study at my house in Holden.  Topic: abortion in the Old Testament and Jewish teachings.
Feb 20 Sat 9-10AM and longer Prayer Vigil Protest in front of Planned Parenthood, 472 Pleasant. St Worc.  Please park on the street.
Feb 21 Christ the King parish covers 40 Days for Life

Maintain "Don't ask, Don't Tell"   -
As former General Colin Powell observed in 1993 (before bowing to pressures of political correctness), " would be prejudicial to good order and discipline to try to integrate gays and lesbians in the current military structure...Skin color is a benign, nonbehavioral characteristic. Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of human behavioral characteristics. Comparison of the two is a convenient but invalid argument."
Prevent gays and lesbians from showering with heterosexual war fighters in our armed services.

Feb 27 7AM-7PM Our Lady of Czestochowa 40 Days for Life all day prayer vigil Pleasant St.
Feb 27 Sat 9-10AM Prayer Vigil Protest in front of Planned Parenthood, 472 Pleasant. St Worc.  Please park on the street.  An abortion Saturday.
Feb 27 1PM Mass with Fr. Polek in Problem Pregnancy Chapel for 40 Days for Life

Mar 6, Sat 6:15PM James O'Keefe, the 25-year old who along with 20-year old Hanna Giles exposed ACORN's proclivity to organize prostitution rings will be the featured speaker at the Mass Resistence fundraiser dinner. $40 donation. Holiday Inn, Boxborough, MA
O'Keefe falsely accused of wiretapping by Main Stream Media (who forgot to cover his ACRON expose)

Mar 7 Sat 1-5:30PM MCFL Youth Conference Boston College High School featuring Lila Rose

Apr 10 Sat 9AM-4PM MCFL Statewide convention Boston College Law School

Pro-life, pro-family Rep. Jeff Perry is running for Congress against Pro-abort, Pro-same-sex marriage William Delahunt.  Please start supporting Perry now.

Scandal at the USCCB, why is John Carr still working there after being chairman of the Pro-abortion, Pro-homosexual group Center for Community Change?

Operation Home Front New England provides Easter baskets and food assistence to military children, in a show of support to those serving and their families. Please help.

Good News! The protest of Catholic Rosemont College to remove their Career path link to Planned Parenthood worked, so no need to follow this link!

Thanks and God Bless,
Jay G.

Prayer Needs;

Health and spiritual needs: Irene's dad with Throat cancer and cousin with broken back, Update - Edward Joseph Parker-Gagne born prematurely weighing only 1lb.14oz doing better but pray his eye get well if it be God's will, Jim Call currently in hospital & headed for pallative care, Barbara Hoaglund in hospital, Paul Ann & Kevin, George's nephew Joey's wife (Elaine's daughter-in-law) cancer and had surgery, Michele and Alicia, Haiti, Bob Chernisky Jr. leukemia, Bob M. serious cancer, Chloe born 13 weeks premature, grieving family of Nathan N., 3-year old Matthew in ICU with flu/pneumonia, Helen Wright - brain aneurysm; Irene Johnson-urgent; Mark- employment; Ed heart, Jim, Caroline needs a job to make ends meet while she short-sells her home, Ashley and her family;  Ken W. who is dying;  Sara M.- battling 2 cancers; Raymond with heart problems; Cheryl G.- in Thanksgiving to Saint Joseph for answered prayer, Jessica 21 has 15 month old son and has MRSA and only has 8 months to live (her sister is at Visitation House), Deacon Bob Conner who lost his mother and brother recently, Little Edward Joseph, Jack McGuirk leukemia, Bob recently widowed, with two boys to raise, Peachie with Sj√∂gren's disease/Lupus, Barbara R.- URGENT as she is dying NOW;   Brian N.- cancer;    David- whose wife left family with 3 children; Lisa- who left husband and 4 children- that they reunite and the children and Dad find strength, comfort, and faith, and that the Mom returns home, Ron's sister with brain tumor, My cousin Barbara B. who's back on chemo, Chris T. second operation, Sherry, (waiting for lung transplant), Robbie Coudert, Lauri, four babies now at Visitation House Damien the newest and Grace gained weight and is a real fighter, Marilyn Birnie from "Friends of the Unborn", George recovery from leg surgery, John Benoit who's in Life Care in Auburn, Sean Seely married with 5 yr old twins has leukemia going for 2nd bone marrow, Pam G. and Molly full recoveries from Cancer, Georgia and her daughter 2 lb. 1 oz. daughter Grace who needs heart surgery, Keishela.  Abortion workers seeking new jobs …

Recently Deceased: Lisa Lauring Kennedy just passed away after a long battle with lung cancer, Susan the cab driver's wife who recently accepted Jesus but as a Protestant has no one to pray for her soul, Shirley Somadelis, Ian H's family after his mother-in-law found dead under suspicious circumstances, David Cross, David Scott, Janesse Hoaglund, Patrick Swayze, 19 year old Brittany was in i.c.u., Ted Kennedy, Skip, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Al Thoman, Patty G., John Bellione, Bob DeMarco 51 father of three boys, Georga's father, Mike Paul's mother-in-law Dorothy, Dom DeLuise, Mari Loli of Garabindal, Jerry, Wes Schaefer, Defender of Life Pat Taylor…

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