Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb First Friday Pro-Life Mass

Feb 2 6:30PM Fitchburg City Council has two meetings involving Planned Parenthood.  Please call Fitchburg City councilor Joel Kaddy at his correct number, 978-804-0010 and urge him to zone Planed Parenthood out of Fitchburg.

Feb 5 Fri 8PM, First Friday Mass with Fr. Gallagher followed by all night Eucharistic Adoration until 8AM Sat. Mass with Fr. Roy.  Problem Pregnancy Chapel 495 Pleasant St.  All hours could use a backup.  Let me know if you cannot make it.
Scheduled Adorers
8:30 PM – Nina T.  9PM - Chris T.   10PM – Julie S - Paul T
11PM - Eileen D,  12 AM midnight – Shawn S.
1AM – Jim R     2AM – Fran Warner
3AM – Jay Guillette 774-263-6969
4PM – Kyle McD
5AM – Fred M - Bob D
6:00 AM – Mike and Chris
7:00 AM – Kathy L
Feb 6 Sat 9-10AM Prayer Vigil Protest in front of Planned Parenthood, 472 Pleasant. St Worc.  Please park on the street.

Urge CBS to stay fair and air the Tim Tebow Pro-Life ad.  Truth and not censorship.

Feb17 – Mar28 40 Days for Life,
coordinators Paul & Crystal Fullen would like to rent a Billboard (cost $3000)  If you can help send them a donation to their house, 263 Heard Street Worcester MA 01603-1739

God Bless America -

Feb 18 Blessed Sacrament parish covers 40 Days for Life
Feb 19 Fri 7PM Rosary and short Bible Study at my house in Holden.  Topic: abortion in the Old Testament and Jewish teachings.
Feb 21 Christ the King parish covers 40 Days for Life

Bungled Abortion in NY -

Please sign the American Family Association, AFA petition to maintain the standard of morality in the Armed Services, and not allow the repeal of "Don't ask, Don't tell"

Mar 6, Sat 6:15PM James O'Keefe, the 25-year old who along with 20-year old Hanna Giles exposed ACORN's proclivity to organize prostitution rings will be the featured speaker at the Mass Resistence fundraiser dinner. $40 donation. Holiday Inn, Boxborough, MA
O'Keefe falsely accused of wiretapping by Main Stream Media (who forgot to cover his ACRON expose)

Remember Little Audrey Santo -

Choose Life License Plates for Massachusetts -

Alaskans get to vote whether underage girls can get an abortion without parental consent.
What a concept, voters deciding instead of Judges and Legislators!  This could catch on...then some day even parents may have rights.  Who knows, maybe even Massachusetts voters will be allowed to vote on such matters.
Good Catholic News and Opinion, from Fr. Scalia, and David Bonagura (from HC)

Gail Besse's latest article, which begins, "As medical practices grow more hostile to the sanctity of life, Catholic-secular hospital affiliations can become ethical minefields."

Thanks and God Bless,
Jay G.

Prayer Needs;

Health and spiritual needs: Lisa Lauring Kennedy stage 4 lung cancer given 6-9 months to live, George's nephew Joey's wife (Elaine's daughter-in-law) cancer and had surgery, Michele and Alicia, Haiti, Bob Chernisky Jr. leukemia, Bob M. serious cancer, Chloe born 13 weeks premature, grieving family of Nathan N., 3-year old Matthew in ICU with flu/pneumonia, Helen Wright - brain aneurysm; Irene Johnson-urgent; Mark- employment; Ed heart, Jim, Caroline needs a job to make ends meet while she short-sells her home, Ashley and her family;  Ken W. who is dying;  Sara M.- battling 2 cancers; Raymond with heart problems; Cheryl G.- in Thanksgiving to Saint Joseph for answered prayer, Jessica 21 has 15 month old son and has MRSA and only has 8 months to live (her sister is at Visitation House), Edward Joseph Parker-Gagne born last October 3 1/2 months premature and weighing only weighs 1 lb. 14 ozs now weighs 5 lbs, but needs eye surgery before he can go home, Deacon Bob Conner who lost his mother and brother recently, Little Edward Joseph, Jack McGuirk leukemia, Bob recently widowed, with two boys to raise, Peachie with Sj√∂gren's disease/Lupus, Barbara R.- URGENT as she is dying NOW;   Brian N.- cancer;    David- whose wife left family with 3 children; Lisa- who left husband and 4 children- that they reunite and the children and Dad find strength, comfort, and faith, and that the Mom returns home, Ron's sister with brain tumor, My cousin Barbara B. who's back on chemo, Chris T. second operation, Sherry, (waiting for lung transplant), Robbie Coudert, Lauri, four babies now at Visitation House Damien the newest and Grace gained weight and is a real fighter, Marilyn Birnie from "Friends of the Unborn", George recovery from leg surgery, John Benoit who's in Life Care in Auburn, Sean Seely married with 5 yr old twins has leukemia going for 2nd bone marrow, Pam G. and Molly full recoveries from Cancer, Georgia and her daughter 2 lb. 1 oz. daughter Grace who needs heart surgery, Keishela.  Abortion workers seeking new jobs …

Recently Deceased: Shirley Somadelis, Ian H's family after his mother-in-law found dead under suspicious circumstances, David Cross, David Scott, Janesse Hoaglund, Patrick Swayze, 19 year old Brittany was in i.c.u., Ted Kennedy, Skip, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Al Thoman, Patty G., John Bellione, Bob DeMarco 51 father of three boys, Georga's father, Mike Paul's mother-in-law Dorothy, Dom DeLuise, Mari Loli of Garabindal, Jerry, Wes Schaefer, Defender of Life Pat Taylor…

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