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Pro-abortion advocacy has cost another woman her election, latest on seating Brown




for immediate release                                                                                              January 20, 2010

Pro-abortion advocacy has cost another woman her election.

The Massachusetts Citizens for Life Political Action Committee congratulates Senator Scott Brown on his election to the United States Senate.

John Rowe, Chairman of the PAC, states, "Abortion advertising hurt Martha Coakley badly.  Her  advertisements stated that Scott Brown was backed by Massachusetts Citizens for Life, an anti-abortion group.  Since more than 50% of people self-identify as pro-life, this gained votes for Scott Brown.

"Brown's positions on abortion funding, parental consent and banning partial birth abortions are  favored  by the vast majority of Massachusetts residents, as are conscience rights.

"Coakley attracted attention to the fact that Scott Brown favors conscience rights for medical personnel while she stated that pro-life people should not be allowed to work in emergency rooms.

"Exit polls consistently find that voters who vote on the abortion issue vote two to one pro-life.  This pro-life differential hurt Martha Coakley.

"Pundits agree that Shannon O'Brien lost her race for governor when she advocated abortions for 16 year old girls without their parents' knowledge or consent.  Pro-abortion advocacy has cost another woman her election.

"Personally I would like to thank Martha Coakley for informing so many people about Massachusetts Citizens for Life"


Latest info and action on seating Senator Brown:

The Secretary of State's office has just informed us that Secretary Galvin has sent a letter to the Clerk of the Senate stating the unofficial results of the election.

Historically, in the case of a special election, such a letter has been sufficient to seat the victorious candidate.

The ball is in Harry Reid's court.  Call him at 202-224-3542.  Urge him to seat Senator Brown immediately!


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