Saturday, January 9, 2010

BROWN UP BY ONE POINT! Don't get complacent!


American Spectator reports (Saturday at 7:30 pm) the latest Public Policy Polling survey that shows Scott Brown leading Martha Coakley 48% to 47%!
Republicans are more enthusiastic about turning out than Democrats by 66% to 48%
Brown leads among independents by 63 % to 31%;
Brown's favorability among unaffiliated voters is 70%.
Independents oppose the Democratic health care plan 59% to 27%.
Brown has a net favorable rating of 32 points.

The pollsters note that there are still many things Coakley could do to turn the race around! The biggest is to raise Democratic turnout. Democrats greatly outnumber Republicans and Coakley can afford to send a limo to bring each of them to the polls. For more info:

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