Sunday, January 17, 2010

MCFL PAC predicts Brown victory - press release


Mass. Citizens for Life Political Action Committee

529 Main Street

Charlestown, MA 02129

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January 18, 2010 Jack Rowe 978-531-8565

Massachusetts Citizens for Life Political Action Committee predicts Scott Brown will win tomorrow's special U S Senate race.

The MCFL PAC has been working since last September to elect the candidate it describes as a "pro-life vote in the Senate" and the "vote that will defeat the health care bill"

The group completed 440,000 phone calls to pro-life people in the state, distributed 170,000 cards urging votes for Brown, and aired radio ads on major stations across the state.

PAC Chair, John Rowe states, "We feel sure our huge outreach to pro-lifers in Massachusetts will bring them to the polls. Currently, more than 50% of people self identify as pro-life.

"The right to life election differential is 2:1. Of those people who vote on the abortion issue, twice as many vote pro-life. This has been consistent across the country for years. Brown will benefit from this differential"

Anne Fox, President of Mass Citizens, says, "We thank the hundreds and hundreds of people who worked so hard to accomplish this effort. Right to life people have such wonderful commitment which translates into very effective action."

MCFL | 529 Main Street | Boston | MA | 02129

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