Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS! Now let's finish the job!


Each and every one of you can be so proud!  You got with Scott before anyone else and never took your eye off the prize!  I heard Pat Buchanan say today what we have been saying all along, that we have literally saved this country.

Envision us all at the March for Life with our signs.  One I had thought of:  "MA = 41st vote".  If you have any ideas for signs, please let me know.  I can also see everyone from all over the country, at the top of Capitol Hill, turning left to the Senate to go in and demand that Scott Brown be seated now before there are any more health care votes.

In reality, everyone can demand that he be seated, but only we can do anything about it.  The US Senate will claim they can't seat him until Massachusetts certifies the vote.  So, again, it is up to us.

Each of us must call Secretary of State Billy Galvin first thing Wednesday morning.  We must tell him to certify Senator Brown's election right away.  The last special election we had was that of Nicki Tsongas.  She was seated in Congress in two days.  Secretary Galvin's contact info:

Tel: (617) 727-7030
Toll Free: 1-800-392-6090
TTY: (617) 878-3889
Fax: (617) 742-4528
E-mail: cis@sec.state.ma.us


Anne Fox


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  1. Congrats, you've just elected a pro-abort. Heckuva job, Brownies.

  2. Since you're willing to support a pro-choice candidate, "This Space For Rent" sounds pretty good.

  3. So Scott Brown won, so what?

    Brown is just a typical shyster/lawyer/politician who is able to con people into thinking he's "pro-life", merely because his opponent is an outspoken supporter of the "right" to kill your child.

    Brown isn't pro-life, he's just a typical Republican.

    In regards to the unborn, Brown is fine not only with "emergency contraception", he thinks abortion should remain legal ("and rare", as the Clinton's dissembled on the subject so well.) He's only opposed to that "yucky partial birth" type of abortion. Killing your child before you have to stab them in the head is apparently OK though.

    In regards to those already born, Brown is a typical member of the "rubber hose Right", who support America torturing people it suspects of wrongdoing, & justifying it by denying any rights to them, either constitutional rights, or even basic human rights.

    While opposition to the health care/insurance "reform" package is laudable, the bill is still out there.

    The best thing to come of his election so far is a YouTube clip of Hitler going ballistic that the Democrats lost the seat that "belonged" to the Kennedy dynasty.


  4. Both Brown and Coakley are pro choice but looking at their stances only one is in favor of restricting and reducing abortion and that is brown. in addition to that brown would enable a much needed debate on the senate floor with regards to statewide abortion funding via taxpayers. I'm not fooled into thinking brown is the perfect pro life canditate but he's a far better choice than the alternative. It's a pragmatic choice but given the meager fare of massechusetts its not one I'd lose sleep over.

  5. I can accept that Brown is the least-bad option.

    I cannot accept that electing the least-bad option ought to inspire dreams of turning the Right to Life March into a rally to immediately seat this least-bad option who supports the very decision that is being protested.

  6. um, yeah... It's not like the congressional leadership is thinking of cramming through a bill that involves federal money for abortions or anything. Bad feelings about not getting a Whole Loaf should cause us to give away a few more slices of it...