Friday, October 16, 2009

Your testimony still needed!


The hearings at the State House on Tuesday were a pleasant relief for those who attended.
After Planned Parenthood opened the show in their always-premiere position, the rest of the afternoon was filled with testimony from the "real people" who agree with us. The day ended - amazingly - around 5:00pm. We are most grateful to all of you who attended and testified.

If you were not able to attend, you must email testimony. These bills are important for parents' right in general and in sex education in particular. Also, the bills we oppose could open the door allowing elements of the Health Care Frameworks to be taught.

Your testimony can be as simple as a statement on parent's rights and responsibilities in educating their children followed by a list of the bills you support and those you oppose.

We support:

House, No. 472 Presented by: Elizabeth Poirier For legislation to require parental consent on sex education in public schools

House, No. 485 Presented by: Michael F. Rush Relative to parental notification and consent for certain sexual education programs in the public schools

House, No. 437 Presented by: Bradley H. Jones, Jr. Relative to requiring parental notification and consent prior to implementing curriculum concerning human sexuality

House, No. 406 Presented by: William G. Greene, Jr. For legislation to prohibit public elementary or secondary school students from participating in certain surveys without parental consent

House, No. 421 Presented by: Robert S. Hargraves For legislation to require parental consent for the attendance of students in sexual education classes in the public schools

We oppose:

House, No. 3434 Presented by: Alice K. Wolf Relative to the teaching of health education in schools

House, No. 402 Presented by: Mary E. Grant For legislation to provide for a comprehensive health education program in the public schools.

Senate, No. 218 Presented by: Harriette L. Chandler For legislation to provide health education in schools

Please send your testimony to the House Chair of the Joint Committee on Education: rep.martywalz@HOU.STATE.MA.US

For further information contact Massachusetts Citizens for Life 617-242-4199 or visit
Marie Sturgis, Executive Director and Lobbyist, Mass Citizens for Life

MCFL 529 Main Street Boston MA 02129

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