Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Important Public Hearings on "Sex Education", October 13th!



COMMITTEE: Joint Education Committee
DATE: Tuesday, October 13, 2009
TIME: 1:00 p.m.

On October 13, 2009, the Joint Committee on Education will hold a public hearing on legislation that will affect your children. Please know when bills contain the term "health education" fully translated it means "sex education." Most of the bills requiring health education attempt to make Health a core curriculum subject, thereby making implementation of the Frameworks mandatory in all school districts. Under the Frameworks, students would be taught (numbers indicate learning standards or interdisciplinary objectives):
  • how to get an abortion without parental knowledge (4.20 and 4.a, parental notification / judicial bypass);
  • how to get contraceptives (4.7, whom to consultand 4.9, students report on state policy);
  • behaviorsfor pregnancy prevention (4.8);
  • acceptance of consensualpremarital sex (4.b); and,
  • acceptance of homosexual behavior (4.3, 4.4, 4.14 and 4.b).

Some of the bills below are commonsense legislation and should be supported, while others would usurp parental rights, especially in matters pertaining to children and sexuality. The bills below are of interest to all parents:

Pro-life people support:

House, No. 472 Presented by: Elizabeth Poirier
For legislation to require parental consent on sex education in public schools

House, No. 485 Presented by: Michael F. Rush
Relative to parental notification and consent for certain sexual education programs in the public schools

House, No. 437 Presented by: Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
Relative to requiring parental notification and consent prior to implementing curriculum concerning human sexuality

House, No. 406 Presented by: William G. Greene, Jr.
For legislation to prohibit public elementary or secondary school students from participating in certain surveys without parental consent

House, No. 421 Presented by: Robert S. Hargraves
For legislation to require parental consent for the attendance of students in sexual education classes in the public schools

Pro-life people oppose:

House, No. 3434 Presented by: Alice K. Wolf
Relative to the teaching of health education in schools

House, No. 402 Presented by: Mary E. Grant
For legislation to provide for a comprehensive health education program in the public schools.

Senate, No. 218 Presented by: Harriette L. Chandler
For legislation to provide health education in schools

Please bring a written copy of your testimony to leave with the committee.
If you cannot attend, please send your testimony to the Joint Committee on Education, Room 473G (House), Room 511B (Senate) State House, Boston, MA, 02133.
For further information contact Massachusetts Citizens for Life 617-242-4199 or visit http://masscitizensforlife.org/frameworks.html#agenda
Marie Sturgis, Executive Director and Lobbyist, Mass Citizens for Life

MCFL | 529 Main Street | Boston | MA | 02129

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