Monday, October 19, 2009

NARAL doesn't like the Choose Life License Plates!

NARAL Pro-Choice Mass. seems to think pro lifers have no right to have these plates and that, if we do have them, the money should go to organizations that spread the NARAL philosophy.

You can see the representative from NARAL on Emily Rooney's show with Merry Nordeen who heads the Choose Life efforts. You will be so proud to be on the pro life side! To view video, scroll to picture of license plate.
This morning I was talking to Bill Kelley in Holyoke. He told me there had been only one person in town who had reserved a Choose Life plate, so he went out and got 11 other people. He promised me that he would get 11 more besides. In all of his 83 years, I don't think Bill has never broken a promise. I know each of us can do as well.
Please print out applications for 11 people.

Good luck and thanks!
Anne Fox, President

MCFL | 529 Main Street | Boston | MA | 02129

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