Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Worcester Update: 40 days, Rosary and Pro-Life

Oct 8 Thu 9AM NewtGingrich headlines Catholic Citizenship breakfast at the Union Club at Park St. Boston. $50/person, RSVP or calling 781.932.1348
Oct 9 Fri 7PM St. Paul's Bible study.  Pope Benedict's Post Synodal Apostolic Exhortation
Oct 10 Sat 9-10AM Prayer Vigil Protest at Planned Parenthood on Lincoln St. behind Best Chinese Restaurant 625 Lincoln.
Oct 10 Sat noon – National Rosary Rally, in front of the old Notre Dame Church corner of Front and Franklin St. in downtown Worcester.  Held at over 4315 sites including Leominster, Marlborough, Milford and Fitchburg.

Oct 13 Tue Boston State House Hearing Room 1A Sex/Health Education Bill hearing
Pro-life people support:
House, No. 472 Presented by: Elizabeth Poirier
For legislation to require parental consent on sex education in public schools
House, No. 485 Presented by: Michael F. Rush
Relative to parental notification and consent for certain sexual education programs in the public schools
House, No. 437 Presented by: Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
Relative to requiring parental notification and consent prior to implementing curriculum concerning human sexuality
House, No. 406 Presented by: William G. Greene, Jr.
For legislation to prohibit  public elementary or secondary school students from participating in certain surveys without parental consent
House, No. 421 Presented by: Robert S. Hargraves
For legislation to require parental consent for the attendance of students in sexual education classes in the public schools
Pro-life people oppose:
House, No. 3434 Presented by: Alice K. Wolf
Relative to the teaching of health education in schools
House, No. 402 Presented by: Mary E. Grant
For legislation to provide for a comprehensive health education program in the public schools.
Senate, No. 218 Presented by: Harriette L. Chandler
For legislation to provide health education in schools

Oct 14 Wed 2PM America Needs Fatima statue of Our Lady of Fatima in area.  Contact me.
Oct 15 Thu 7PM Mass. Family Institute fundraising supper, Newton Marriot. or call 781.569.0400 or

Oct 17 Sat 9-10AM Prayer Vigil Protest in front of new (empty) Planned Parenthood building at 487 Pleasant.St. Worc

40 Days for Life continues every day praying outside Planned Parenthood on Lincoln St., check out the blog info at           -  While all those people were out there praying, a woman walked towards the clinic for an abortion appointment. After people on the sidewalk spoke to her, she entered the nearby pro-life pregnancy center instead.  "The lady who was about to have the abortion told the counselor she started to shiver when she saw so many people praying," said Ken Groves of the Manassas 40 Days for Life campaign. "At that moment she said she felt God wanted her to have her baby.

Help a pregnant Northeaster student -
"Hi all - I'm basically just reaching out to all my contact for a tougher than usual Birthright case. I'm working with a Northeastern University senior who'e expecting in March and due to graduate in May. Northeastern does not allow her to stay in housing with a baby so now she needs to find housing for next semester. They also have not been helpful about childcare or options or even an EAP program like they might have for their employees.

So, her, her parents and the father of the baby are looking at ways to make this work so she can graduate. I guess I'm wondering if anyone has a friend or relative in Boston that might be able to watch an infant a few days a week (I believe the family could pay some - not a ton but probably a reasonable amount). Or maybe you know someone who has an apartment or room they could sublet or some other good housing situation?

Parents are 5.5 hours away and don't think it's a good idea to separate Mom and baby in the first two months so they can't take the baby home till she's done.
If nothing else I could use your prayers. Seems like a great family, a solid woman - her major is American Sign Language  - which is why she can't always have the baby at class with her - too hard to sign if the baby needs to be held or fed :)"

C-Fam Catholic Families International fights for the rights of unborn worldwide.
Human rights for all humans!  Help C-Fam gather 1 million petitions.

Oct 29 Wed 7PM Assumption College Hagan Hall Francis Cardinal George

Traditional Family Values candidates for public office in Massachusetts -

Obama's Education Secretary Arne Duncanson has hired a homosexual recruiter, Kevin Jennnings as asst. secreatry.  Urge Duncanson to fire Jennings for his radical homosexual proselytizing -

Thanks and God Bless,
Jay G.

Prayer Needs;

Little Grace at Visitation House now weighs 6 lbs. Keep praying because the Prayers are working! There are now 10 moms, 6 babies and 4-year-old Max, Grace's oldre brother.

Health and spiritual needs: Bob recently widowed, with two boys to raise, Peachie with Lupis, Barbara R.- URGENT as she is dying NOW;   Brian N.- cancer;    David- whose wife left family with 3 children; Lisa- who left husband and 4 children- that they reunite and the children and Dad find strength, comfort, and faith, and that the Mom returns home, Ron's sister with brain tumor, My cousin Barbara B. who's back on chemo, Chris T. second operation, Sherry, (waiting for lung transplant), Robbie Coudert, Lauri, four babies now at Visitation House Damien the newest and Grace gained weight and is a real fighter, Marilyn Birnie from "Friends of the Unborn", George recovery from leg surgery, John Benoit who's in Life Care in Auburn, Sean Seely married with 5 yr old twins has  leukemia, Pam G. and Molly full recoveries from Cancer, Georgia and her daughter 2 lb. 1 oz. daughter Grace who needs heart surgery, Keishela. Clyde that he is enlightened by the Holy Spirit, Joni and her husband from - special Prayer request for Caroline for health and spiritual healing, and for a paying roommate to live in her house. John Sinacola stomach cancer, Ian, Dave K. motorcycle accident, Lisa Lauring stage 4 lung cancer, Abortion workers seeking new jobs …

Recently Deceased: Patrick Swayze, 19 year old Brittany was in i.c.u., Ted Kennedy, Skip, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Al Thoman, Patty G., John Bellione, Bob DeMarco 51 father of three boys, Georga's father, Mike Paul's mother-in-law Dorothy, Dom DeLuise, Mari Loli of Garabindal, Jerry, Wes Schaefer, Defender of Life Pat Taylor…

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