Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Testimony needed for June 30th on Baby Safe Haven Bill!

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All 50 states have Baby Safe Haven Laws.  Massachusetts has among the best results, having had only one abandoned baby die since the bill passed.  The law has sections for publicizing the service better and for education.  No money has been appropriated, so these pro-life features have not been implemented.
Rep Geoff Diehl has filed H 2481, which allows the tax-payer to re-direct the portion of his/her taxes which has been used to pay for abortions.  That amount would be used to fund the implementation of the current Baby Safe Haven Law.

H 2481 does not cut the amount of taxes the state collects.
H 2481 does allow those who oppose abortion on moral grounds to be sure they are not paying for abortions
H 2481 does fund important educational efforts.

Hearings:  Joint Revenue Committee, June 30th, 10:00 am, Room B1.

Please mark your calendar and begin thinking about your testimony.  Sandra testified at the last hearings on the Women's Safety Bill.  She did such a great job and realized how important testimony can be that she is working on a step-by-step guide for testimony ( given in person or in writing), which we will be posting on the MCFL website in a matter of hours (weather permitting) along with some lobbying guides that I am writing.

Senate Chair: Michael Rodriques, Michael.Rodrigues@masenate.gov
House Chair: Jay Kaufman, Jay.Kaufman@mahouse.gov

If you are not going to able to attend in person, please email your testimony to both chairs.

Your efforts make all the difference!

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