Friday, June 19, 2015

Follow the Money: Doctor-Prescribed Suicide

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Sure enough, Wesley Smith follows the money in this article in American Standard titled Follow the Money. Oregon refuses to try to stop "regular" suicides among adults and uses Medicaid to deprive poor people with terminal illnesses of medical care.  As you read this, picture hearings and votes in the Massachusetts legislature where Oregon will be held up as the perfectly-working model.

Maine just defeated DPS by one vote in the Senate (having defeated it by referendum in the past). California and New Jersey have passed DPS in their Senates and are waiting for votes in the House/Assembly.  California is really scary!  The fight here will probably happen in the fall.  We must start gearing up for the fight now!

Please watch my emails for news about Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide, which has re-posted its website and is beginning to send out emails.  I honestly believe that, if abortion were made illegal tomorrow, that would stop most abortions.  The reasons "justifying" abortion are deeply ingrained in our society but the actual practice is like a boil which could be excised.  If Doctor-Prescribed Suicide became legal, it would quickly be like tentacles in every area of medical care and, therefore, impossible to excise.

California and New Jersey need our prayers. 

Thank you!  Anne


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