Friday, June 26, 2015

MARCH: weather, parking, and signs

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The weather forecast for Sunday says the rain will stop in plenty of time for the March. Even if it doesn't, we'll hold the March. The only time in the past that I remember rain, it poured and we had a blast!
The people at the Motor Mart garage - located at 201 Stuart Street in Boston, MA - is owned by a very pro-life family who have been featuring the March on their website. They contacted us to say how convenient they are to the Parkman Bandstand and how convenient for driving in and out of the city. Their prices are similar to the other garages around (I notice their maximum is less than the Common Garage).
I have been hearing good vibes about signs. During the Rally, we are going to go around taking pictures of the signs, after the March, the March Committee will choose the winner(s), who will appear on the cover of the September issue of the MCFL quarterly magazine. Also, The Anchor in Fall River is very interested in the contest and plans to cover it.  Good luck everybody!
I am so excited - I am going to introduce Maura and her mother, Jean!
It is so much fun to see everyone at the March!
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