Friday, June 12, 2015

Jeff Jacoby gets it right again!

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The Associated Press ran an article showing the huge decreases in the number of abortions across the country in the last few years.  Massachusetts had a very good decrease, but the big news here is the drop in the number of abortions in Massachusetts since the highs in the early '90's.  We now have about 54% fewer abortions than at the peak!  We have no new laws, virtually no media help, but we do have intensive education by MCFL speakers who address more than 10,000 people a year, by you and others who write letters, speak to friends and associates and by a few sensible voices in the media like Jeff Jacoby, who has this excellent piece in the Globe.

What a contrast to the State House News Service which said last week about Laura Hope Smith that she "allegedly died during an abortion procedure at an unlicensed facility"
Doctor convicted of manslaughter, million dollar civil suit but she "allegedly" died.  Only abortion-think can so trump truth.

Around the dinner table, as we discussed the AP article, people started creating fund-raising letters for pro-abortion organizations.  Just think about it.  "Flash - horrible news!  Abortions are down!  Send money so we can get those numbers up again!  We must continue our work of making money off dead babies and their mothers"
Sorry, but...

God bless Jeff and all of you who are willing to speak the truth no matter what. 

- Anne

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