Thursday, September 18, 2014

States Bribed to Increase Health-Care Rationing, O-care Does Pay for Abortions, Senior Panels


You don't really need to read these articles because you could have written them any time during the last five years.  Yes, it was August of 2009 that we intensified our activity against the proposal that became O-care!  Remember we said, on radio and other media that broke our budget, that O-care would 1) pay for abortions, 2) cause rationing, 3) cause denial of care, and 4) slash conscience rights of medical professionals.

Please at least peek at the last link.  I remember years ago going to an exhibit at the MFA of life size "Terracotta Warriors" and horses recently excavated in China.  They were displayed on gray carpet-covered ramps in a bare, well-lighted room and were striking.  They were so appealing that I have a chess set in the same style.  This new exhibit in NY uses the same style to make an emphatically pro-life point.

We have been working very hard on the candidate information, the abortion restriction ballot question, and other ambitious programs.  Please consider a sacrificial donation to keep these pro-life efforts going. 

Thank you! 


State offered bribes to ration health care: 

Expert panel on end of life has a lot of good suggestions mixed in.  When the premise, however, is "The ______system is broken" and the suggestions have to do with the government fixing it, the chances are ... 

All of a sudden it is in the news because the Government Accounting Office has realized that O-care funds abortion!  Some of the groups objecting are just those who claimed our assertions were incorrect.


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