Friday, September 26, 2014

Ezekiel Emanuel Didn't Really Say He Would Kill You at Age 75...


Ezekiel Emanuel, the architect of O-care, has published an article in The Atlantic saying he does not want to live past age 75.  He says he would not kill you or me at 75, just that he, personally, wants to go then.  The reasons he gives are scary - people accomplish the most in middle age and then slow down, life is not worth living when one is not healthy, productive etc.  The hubris of the man is only trumped by his arrogance.  He personally would refuse treatment, etc.

This is dangerous because of his utilitarian view of what makes people important - what they do not who they are.  Also, he has opened the door to insurance and government refusing treatment to those over age 75 - and he has the credibility. 

One of the mothers at the 2014 Summer Academy told the story of her elderly aunt who was talked out of getting a pace maker.  With no pace maker, she had irregular heartbeats which led to a stroke.  Now she is living with the results of the stroke - she cannot speak, etc.  I think this is a good example of the folly of not treating - unless you plan to do away with the patient.

PRAYERS ARE NEEDED FOR SANDRA CANO!  Sandra is in the hospital critically ill.  She never wanted an abortion but her situation was used by the pro-abs to win Doe v Bolton, the Roe v Wade companion case which is responsible for abortion being legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy.  She has worked hard over the years to try to overturn Doe v Bolton. 

Thanks for all you do! 


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