Monday, September 29, 2014

Door knocking: Paid and Volunteer. Kudos to Springfield-Area Members


Earl Sholley is looking for people to door-knock for pay.  If you are interested, please call Earl, 508-699-3334

The MCFL State PAC is looking for volunteers to door-knock in Boston.  Please call 617-388-4582.

Yesterday I worked at the MCFL "booth" at the Eastern States Exposition (Big E).  Really, it is not a booth but a huge corner area in line of sight of a busy entrance filled with the fetal models, video, large pictures of the baby at each month of development, and hand-outs galore.  More than 1.5 million people attend.  Yesterday every pregnant lady in the place found us.  It was really fun!  The people in the Springfield area do a fabulous job every year.  Monica Butler fills 102 volunteer slots of four hours each, Suzie Lopes and her crew move the massive display from the MCFL Ludlow office on her flatbed truck, set it up at the Big E, and reverse the project.  A lot more people are now thinking about that unborn baby.  Thanks, guys!


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