Thursday, September 11, 2014

Election Results for the State and Pro-Life Rankings for Nov. 4th Election


Thanks to Janet, who stayed up most of the night, and John, who got all the State Senate and State Representative information onto the website, you can see what happened in your district and across the state.  You can see who the State PAC will be supporting in November and why.  Since we are still hearing from candidates, that will be constantly updated. We were fortunate in our losses.  In many cases, the winner also takes a pro-life position.
As you know, Mark Fisher lost the nomination for Governor but his showing will tell Charlie Baker that he needs the pro-life vote in order to beat Martha Coakley.  Marilyn Devaney won the nomination for Governor's Council in the Third District with no further opposition.  Patricia Saint Aubin and David D'Arcangelo won the Republican nominations for Auditor and Secretary of State. D'Arcangelo will challenge pro-life incumbent Secretary of State, Bill Galvin.
Jack Rowe, Chair of the MCFL Federal PAC tells me the PAC is looking at a couple of Congressional races and may have an announcement soon.
To all the people who worked in campaigns and are gearing up for Nov. - thanks for your work! 


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