Saturday, March 23, 2013

YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION: do you need to change it?

The Primaries for the US Senate race are on April 30, 2013.

In the Democratic Primary:
Ed Markey is proud of having been "pro-choice" for many years. 
Stephen Lynch says he is "pro-life" but has received 0% or 10% from National Right to Life for his voting record each of the last six years.
Both Democrat candidates say they would vote against a nominee for Supreme Court Justice (or any other judge) who is opposed to Roe v Wade - a litmus test which is unacceptable.

In the Republican Primary:
Michael Sullivan has no such litmus test.  He is the only candidate who takes pro-life positions on funding, parental consent, and partial birth abortion.
Gabriel Gomez says he is "pro-life" but would not vote to change any abortion laws.
Dan Winslow brags about being the only candidate who has always been "pro-choice"

You can see why the MCFL PAC has endorsed Michael Sullivan
You can see why so many of you pro-lifers across the state worked so hard to get Michael Sullivan more than twice as many signatures as he needed to get on the ballot.
The next step is to be sure Michael wins the Republican primary.
If you are Republican or Unenrolled, just mark your calendar for April 30th, Primary Election Day.

If you are a registered
Democrat, please change your registration for this primary.  It is simple!  Just send a note to your town or city clerk.  List your name,address, birth date, and say you want to change your designation to Unenrolled.  Be sure to say Unenrolled. not Independent (you will not be able to vote in the Republican Primary if you are registered as an Independent in Massachusetts because Independent has been a party of its own).
When you get to the polls, ask for a Republican ballot.  Once you have voted, your registration will automatically return to Unenrolled.  You may tell them right there if you wish to go back to Democrat.


For life,

John Rowe, Chair, MCFL PAC

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