Friday, March 15, 2013

Pope Francis Would Certainly Walk With Us

Again Mass. Citizens for Life is honored to organize and sponsor the Annual Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers and Children on Sunday, April 28th.  Please check the list of Beneficiary Groups,   You will see how much good work they do -  how much they help pregnant women and their children, born and unborn..  By participating in the Walk to Aid Mothers and Children, they can raise money without having to organize their own Walks.  I can't begin to tell you how much work is involved in running a Walk..  Helen Cross and her Walk Committee accomplish miracles!

We are very excited this year!  As you know, we voted for the Walk Baby online and through social media.  All the babies are adorable and you chose Julia,

We have many other new online features.  We encourage you to register and set up your sponsor page online,  You can then send the info to all your friends asking for their support.  You will be able to set your goal for what you want to raise for your chosen group.  You will be able to see how you and others are doing.  We know the beneficiary group you choose will receive many more donations than in the past because of your sponsor page.

Please take a minute now to register. 

I am looking outside at snow and listening to the forecast for more snow next week.  Just think how gorgeous it will be by April 28th!   That is only six weeks away.  You need to get started right now to reach your goal!

I'm planning to raise a lot of money.  Hope you are, too!
Thank you for all you do for life.


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