Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pope Francis on Life. Wow!

I think things are going to be fine. 


Michael Pakaluk writes today in National Review Online
"The world may end; disasters and catastrophes may befall us; crises, defaults, and insolvencies may await. Before Francis, I was unsettled and expected all that. Now, with Francis, I realize that these things may happen, of course, but I see no need to think about them. Francis represents, for me, in this first impression, the reliability of the ancient ways, the solidity of God's path, and the assurance that we should persevere in what we always thought we should."

"Unsettled" is the exact word.  As more information is available about Pope Francis, it is obvious that he is a PRO-LIFER!.  The pro-life movement is non-sectarian, including people who love life who are all faiths or no faith.  We all recognize how much the effort to save lives is helped by strong Catholic leadership.  It is a good day!  Anne

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