Sunday, March 24, 2013

Your Pro-life Comments Needed Today!

This note just arrived from Anne Marie.  Please follow up.  Thanks, Anne


If you haven't seen this, it is really incredible!  Here's a quote:

Advocates for the Down syndrome community worry that wider prenatal testing will mean more expectant parents receive an alarming test result without sufficient information to make an informed choice about whether to terminate or continue the pregnancy.

"I think Down syndrome is genetics' canary in a coal mine," said Dr. Brian Skotko, a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital who co-leads a clinic focused on caring for people with Down.

"There are today 250,000 Americans with Down syndrome, only [about] 50,000 away from being reclassified as a rare disease," Skotko said. "We are, in the moment, potentially seeing through our society's choices the elimination of a people."

Have people read and comment on this story so that most of the comments are pro-life!

Have a blessed Holy Week.

Anne Marie

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