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Massachusetts Citizens for Life Summer Academy, 2011

Rising 9th - 12th Grade Students - Worcester and Boston

The goal of the sessions is to form and engage high school students as workers in the pro-life movement. More specifically and immediately, we intend these students to become Ambassadors of MCFL in their respective schools, churches, or homeschooling communities during the 2011-2012 school year, as both a leaven and liaison in their respective pro-life clubs.

  • So that we may provide a thorough formation, our preference is for students who can and will commit to attending all, or at least most, of the sessions.
  • An award certificate will be conferred during the last session, which will also serve as a "commissioning ceremony" for these MCFL Ambassadors.

In order to present a thorough overview of the main life issues, the pro-life movement, and the various ways that these students can and should get involved, we will hold eight weekly sessions. With the exception of the first and last, sessions will normally consist of a 45 minute expert presentation of content, and a 45 minute interactive workshop, with 30 minutes allotted at the beginning for informal fraternizing over pizza and soft drinks.

Dates:                   Worcester:  Burncoat Baptist Church, 475 Burncoat Street                     Wednesdays, July 6 - Aug 10

                             Charlestown:  MCFL Office, Schrafft Center, 529 Main Street   Wednesdays, July 13 - Aug 17


Time:                     6:00 p.m. To 8 p.m.

Tuition:                Free for pro-life high school students


WEEK 1:  Wednesday, July 6 (Worcester), July 13 (Charlestown)


Topic: Anthropology, Ethics & Human Rights

Prof. David Franks, PhD, Prof. St John Seminary (confirmed)

  • What do we mean by "personhood" (theological, philosophical, legal) ?
  • The ethical status of the unborn child, the disabled, the elderly.
  • Human Rights / Rights & Duties / Conflicting Rights
  • Workshop: Questions and Answers

     it's my body

     "right to choose"

     personally opposed but...


     hard cases (rape, incest, life of mother)

        the "common ground " fallacy                                                                            

Thomas Day, Esq. on Roe v Wade and the other Supreme Court decisions that got us where we are


WEEK 2: Wednesday, July 13 (Worcester) and July 20 (Charlestown)

Topic: Fetal Development & Abortion

Linda Thayer , Vice President, Educational Affairs, MCFL (confirmed)

The humanity of the unborn child from the moment of conception (fertilization)


WEEK 3: Wednesday, July 20 (Worcester) and July 27 (Charlestown)

Topic: Alternatives to Abortion and Consequences of Abortion

Speakers:  Pregnancy Counselors and Project Rachel Counselors

Cori Connor Morse, Abortion Survivor/ MCFL

Role-Playing Workshop


WEEK 4: Wednesday, July 27 (Worcester), August 3 (Charlestown)

Topic: Stem Cells and the intentional distortion of language used when discussing life issues

Micheline Matthews-Roth, MD, Harvard Medical School (confirmed)

Matt Hanafin (confirmed) and William Keough (confirmed), Student Leaders on use of language


WEEK 5: Wednesday, August 3 (Worcester), August 10 (Charlestown)

Topic: Euthanasia & End of Life Issues

 Prof.  Scott Fitzgibbons, JD, Boston College Law School (confirmed)


WEEK 6: Wednesday, August 10 (Worcester), Aug 17 (Charlestown) 2-3 hours with little party to close

Topic: Civics & Political Action

 Local Massachusetts State Representative in each location

How we can participate in the political system

Women's Right to Know Bill in Massachusetts and current legislative situation in DC


(Worcester)  Students from the Celebrate Life Club, Minnechaung Regional High School, Wilbraham  (Charlestown) Students from the Pro-Life Club at Burlington High School Burlington, Kayla Coluci

Call to Ambassadorship:  Conferral of Awards and Commissioning as Ambassadors

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