Thursday, June 30, 2011

MCFL wins "coveted" Phoenix award! (lol)


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The Boston Phoenix (6/29/11) is serious.


There are so many bad actors in the saga of Maria Talks, a safe-sex-education Web site that came under fire this past spring, that it's hard to know where to begin. The 63 state legislators who demanded that Governor Deval Patrick eliminate the $100,000 in state funding the site receives? Check. The state's four Catholic bishops, led by Cardinal Seán O'Malley, who jumped on the defunding bandwagon? Check. The Boston Herald, for endangering a vital program by flogging this story above and beyond the call of journalistic duty? Check. The state's public-health commissioner, John Auerbach, who partly caved in to the pressure and ordered that the site be toned down? Check.

The coveted Muzzle, though, goes to the anti-abortion-rights group MASSACHUSETTS CITIZENS FOR LIFE (MCFL). According to the Herald, which broke the story on April 20, it was MCFL that initially 'took aim at the site'".


The Phoenix claims we helped this very sensible, needed web site by letting more people know about it.  No doubt The Phoenix will be glad to hear that we are investigating the Planned Parenthood connection - which looks like conflict of interest .  I'm sure The Phoenix will also be thrilled to learn that we are training speaking teams to go into the areas targeted to have Maria Talks integrated into the school curricula.  These pro-life speakers will talk directly to the young people with the facts about life, abortion, relations with their parents, etc.


In receiving this award, as they say, I must thank all those who made it possible, blah, blah...  Seriously, thanks to all of you who made the calls, sent the emails, and talked to countless people.  I know I can count on you for the next phase of the battle.  Anne






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