Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bless all you wonderful Fathers!


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On Google I looked for "Influence of fathers on their children's lives."  There are 4,390,000 entries - as well there should be!  In pro-life circles we all know how important it is for a child to have a good father.  We are fortunate to know so many of you great fathers!  You are a special breed.


At the National Right to Life Convention in '08, research was presented for the first time about why women are getting abortions.  It is worth noting on Fathers' Day.

Most women seeking abortions have at least one other child at home so they know they are carrying a baby.  When they look at the baby's father, they realize he will not act as a father and will not give support in raising the child.  They do not mean monetary support.  They make what they consider is the best decision for the unborn baby. 

We pro-lifers can find apartments, make car payments, give clothes, and provide medical care.  The one thing we cannot do for these women is to provide men in their lives who act grown-up, who take responsibility, who put loved ones first, who do things they would have learned if they had had good fathers.  As a society, we will have to figure out how we can remedy this.

In the meantime God Bless you and thank you, Fathers, for doing those things right for your children, grand children, God children, and children by love and association.  Your good work is our future!  Anne







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