Thursday, August 12, 2010

State PAC Endorsement for Attorney General

The MCFL State PAC has distributed this press release.

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MCFL State PAC Endorses Jim McKenna for Attorney General

Boston- Madeline McComish, Chairman of the MCFL State Political Action Committee, today announced that the MCFL State PAC has endorsed Jim McKenna for Attorney General in the September 14 Primary and November election.

"Jim McKenna is a dedicated defender of the law," said McComish.  "He served as an assistant district attorney in the Organized Crime Division of the Suffolk County District Attorney's office where he focused on corruption and organized crime in Boston. For six years, McKenna also served as an assistant district attorney in the Worcester County District Attorney's office."

McKenna holds pro-life positions on all aspects of the pro-life issue, from abortion funding to informed consent, to partial birth abortion and parental consent. Very important also is his pledge to enforce the Massachusetts laws that provide protection to unborn children and are currently in place, according to McComish.

Martha Coakley is totally opposed to any laws that will protect the lives of the unborn. She strongly supports abortion and takes anti-life positions on the other life issues.

Ten thousand (10,000) voters must write in: James  McKenna, Millbury, MAfor Attorney General on their Republican primary ballots on Sept. 14th in order to get his name on the November ballot.  Writing the same on a Democratic ballot won't count as a vote but will send a strong message.

MCFL State PAC is in the process of contacting pro-life people across the state and urging them to participate in the write in campaign. "This is the first time that the MCFL State PAC has endorsed a write in candidate," says McComish. "If we pull together on September 14, we will succeed in getting Jim's name on the November ballot and make a statement against Coakely in the Democratic primary.  Best of all, in November, we will elect a pro-life Attorney General."  For more information about MCFL State PAC, please visit


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  1. Jim McKenna will bring honesty and trust back into the AG's Office. Great Call MCFL!