Monday, August 2, 2010

Making Obama's Ban on the Mexico City Policy Permanent

Last Friday, Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D, NJ) introduced an amendment to the foreign appropriations bill that would make permanent President Obama's overturning of the Mexico City Policy. which stops tax dollars from going to groups that promote and perform abortions overseas.

During his first week in office Obama overturned the policy, first enacted by President Reagan, and opened the door to abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood receiving a share of $457 million designed to help impoverished nations.  The Appropriations Committee voted to make Obama's pro-abortion decision permanent.

If the bill becomes law with the Lautenberg provision attached, a pro-life president would not be able to reinstate the Mexico City Policy and protect taxpayers from funding abortions and abortion promotion. Congress would have to go back and pass a bill repealing the Lautenberg provision and a president would have to sign that bill into law.

The Senate State, Foreign Operations Appropriations bill also has another concern for pro-life advocates.

The legislation funnels millions more taxpayer dollars to groups like the United Nations Family Planning Fund (UNFPA), which has worked hand-in-hand with the population control officials in China to enforce the nation's one-child policy with forced abortions and other human rights abuses.

On top of the $55 million to UNFPA, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) would get a $24 million raise.  The USAID is currently funding (probably illegally) lobbying efforts to legalize abortion in Kenya's constitution.

Please call Senators Kerry (
202-224-2742) and Brown (202) 224-4543 to urge strong opposition to the Lautenberg Amendment against the Mexico City Policy.  We expect them to remove the amendment from the Senate State. Foreign Operations Appropriations bill and to vote against the bill if it is not removed.

Call immediately!   The general public is heavily on our side on this one!
Thank you everybody! Anne
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