Saturday, August 28, 2010

The most amazing thing!

We just received the email below. I am very excited about Jane's book. Our delegate from Massachusetts, Jim Killilea, gave the nominating speech for Ellen McCormack for President. At that time she received the most votes a woman had ever received at a Presidential Convention, was the first woman to have Secret Service protection, and to receive matching funds.
I had the honor to be the alternate delegate from Massachusetts. We worked with the most fabulous pro-life delegations from Minnesota and Missouri as well as individuals from other states. I still read about many of them who are doing great pro-life things.

At that time the Democratic party in Massachusetts required each candidate to hold a caucus in each Congressional District. There were nine real contenders, including Sargent Shriver, Birch Bayh, Lloyd Bentson, Frank Church, Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy, Walter Mondale, and Morris Udall.

The McCormack campaign was the only one able to organize in every CD, thanks to all the wonderful pro-life workers across the state! The reason Jim and I were able to go was because Ellen came in a close third in our CD. I learned so much from Jim, the most astute political thinker I have known, and from the McCormack people. They set goals and met them.

We'll plan to have the book for sale at the Walk and other upcoming events.
Thanks for bearing with me - it was an exciting time for life!

Dear Massachusetts Citizens for Life. In 1976 dedicated Massachusetts citizens did an outstanding job getting Ellen McCormack's name placed on the ballot. Their pioneering work helped succeeding states in their endeavors. As a result, Ellen McCormack's pro-life educational commercials were aired, reaching over thirteen million viewers in the Massachusetts area and over one hundred and ninety million viewers nationwide.

Massachusetts' valuable contribution to the campaign has been recorded in the book I have recently published. I think the family and friends of those who supported the Pro-Life Movement in those early days might be especially interested in this work. It is my hope that others will also be inspired by it.

Ellen McCormack

Nominated for President at the 1976 Democratic National Convention, Ellen McCormack became the first--and to date the only woman--to be awarded matching federal funds in any presidential primary campaign. Through the untiring efforts of dedicated volunteers from across the country, McCormack's television commercials brought the pro-life message to more than 190 million viewers. Her radio advertisements, news coverage, and stirring speeches reached countless others. A Shared Vision: The 1976 Ellen McCormack Presidential Campaign chronicles the adventures of this pioneering political effort by the newly emerging Pro-Life Movement, a legacy that resonates to this very day!

Jane Gilroy, who was the vice-chair of McCormack's campaign committee, is uniquely qualified to tell the story of the McCormack campaign. She invites readers to familiarize themselves with this important event in the history of the Pro-Life Movement.

Available at

Amazon and Barnes &Nobles at $12. 95 per copy (eligible for free shipping on orders over $25): (under key words Ellen McCormack or Jane Gilroy)


The E-Book is available for downloading at the following site for $5.00
Jane Gilroy, PhD, President
Long Island Chapter University Faculty for Life
(516) 379-5409

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