Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Congressman Lynch and Big Pharma


Along with many of you, I attended Congressman Lynch's Town Meeting last August.  It was very fair and open.  He tried to listen and reflect the thoughts of both sides.  The one adamant position he took was against the profits of the big drug companies and the salaries of their executives.  I am sure the entire MA delegation feels the same way.

The big drug companies have been working closely with the Obama administration for the past 14 months.  It has just come out that they met with the administration behind closed doors all weekend - while we get busy signals. 

Today big pharma started running ads in favor of the Senate health bill in the districts of the 37 Democratic Congressmen who voted against the bill in November.

They have all the money and the power.  All we have are a huge majority of the citizens.  Please call your Congressman, again, to say that the big drug companies are behind the Senate bill, which should make the Congressman want to vote against it.

If you absolutely cannot get through to Washington, the local office is better than nothing.  Your perseverance is laudatory!  Thank you, Anne

NB.  Please note that Cardinal George, President of the USCCB, has publicly disagreed with the Catholic Hospital Association for backing the bill.

MA-1:  John Olver, Washington: 202-225-5335
Holyoke: 413-532-7010; Pittsfield: 413-442-0946; Fitchburg: 978-342-8722

MA-2: Richard Neal, Washington: (202) 225-5601
Springfield: (413) 785-0325; Milford: (508) 634-8198

 MA-3:  James McGovern:  Washington: (202) 225-6101
Worcester: 508-831-7356; Attleboro: 508-431-8025; Marlborough: 508-460-9292; Fall River: 508-677-0140

MA-4: Barney Frank, Washington: 202-225-5931
Taunton: 508-822-4796; New Bedford: 508-999-6462; Newton: 617-332-3920

MA-5: Niki Tsongas, Washington: 202-225-3411
Acton: 978-263-1951; Lowell: 978-459-0101; Lawrence: 978-681-6200

MA-6: John Tierney, Washington: 202-225-8020
Peabody: 978-531-1669; Lynn: 781-595-7375

MA-7: Edward Markey, Washington: 202-225-2836
Framingham: 508-875-2900; Medford: 781-396-2900

MA-8: Michael Capauano, Washington: 202-225-5111
Cambridge: 617-621-6208

MA-9: Stephen Lynch, Washington: 202-225-8273
Boston: 617-428-2000; Brockton: 508-586-5555

MA-10: William Delahunt, Washington: 202-225-3111
Quincy: 800-794-9911; Hyannis: 800-870-2626


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