Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Breaking: Lila Rose exposes more illegal PP activity, Fitchburg PP facility


Lila Rose and Live Action Filmshttp://www.liveaction.org/ have just released their newest video exposing the ninth clinic that broke laws requiring medical providers to report potential child abuse to the state.

New undercover footage shows staff at a Milwaukee, WI Planned Parenthood abortion clinic counseling a purportedly 14-year-old statutory rape victim not to tell anyone about her 31-year-old boyfriend and coaching her how to obtain an abortion without her parents' consent. Lila has sent the full video to Wisconsin officials.  It is hoped they will join Alabama in investigating.

Lila obviously has other videos that she has already recorded and is waiting to make public.  One cannot help but wonder if there is a Massachusetts PP video among them...

COME HEAR LILA IN PERSON at "Stand Up! Speak Out! Save Lives!"on March 7th at Boston College High School!  


President Obama has released his health-care plan that contains $11 billion in funding for "community health centers," much of which will go to Planned Parenthood clinics in places like Fitchburg, Marlborough, and Milford.

Under the leadership of Chris Hanley, Chapter Chair, members of Mass Citizens and other pro-life people in Fitchburg are waging a daily battle to try to keep the PP facility out of the down town area of Fitchburg.  At the recent City Council meeting Chris cited the Supreme Judicial Court to explain to the Councilors what authority they have.  I have included her presentation below because what she said applies to every city and town in the state.

Would you please be sure to share the news about "Stand Up!  Speak Out!  Save Lives!" with every student you know.  Remind them pre-registration is free and see if they will let you come with them

Also, if you have not sent your post cards to the Fitchburg landlords, please do that today!

Bruce Richard                                                              Christopher Kancades
168 Harris Rd.                                                              10 Rock Brook Way
Ashburnham, MA 01430                                              Boxford, MA 01920

Call: Office phone: 781-858-7475

Thank you for all you do for life!                                                                                                        Anne



Statement by Chris Hanley to the Fitchburg City Council

I call your attention to the article from the Boston Globe about the opening last week of an abortion clinic in Brookline.  The clinic is across the street from a day care center and practically next door to an elementary school whose students walk in front of the clinic to get to school.  Under the state "Buffer Zone" the town has removed the parking meters so that protesters cannot park there and has painted two large yellow circles.  Local shoppers and businesses have complained that there is no place to park, that protesters with signs are everywhere outside the Zone, etc.  Obviously, the town of Brookline would be better served if the clinic were in another location within the town.


As stated by Jesse Mermell of Planned Parenthood, the proposed Planned Parenthood facility in Fitchburg would not perform abortions but would do abortion referrals.  Facilities that do not perform abortions are not protected by the Buffer Zone, and protesters could lawfully be anywhere and everywhere approaching and talking to people.


Just as Brookline could have been prudent and located the clinic away from central down town, so can we.


The decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (see notations on pages 611 to 613 of Framingham Clinic, Inc., et al. v. Board of Selectmen of Southborough et al. Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Suffolk) allows a municipality to have some control over the placement of facilities within its boundaries.


Let Fitchburg learn from the travails of Jesse Mermell's home town of Brookline. 



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