Tuesday, December 1, 2009

U S SENATE ELECTION. Does someone think you don't "get it"?


The primary election for the US Senate race is next Tuesday, December 8th.

MCFL News, November/December, covered the candidates' positions on abortion and health care. Please read that chart before reading the rest of this report.

A lot has happened since the paper was printed.

Democrat Alan Khazei has joined the race. His positions are the same as those listed in the MCFL News for the other Democrats.

Following the House vote on health care, Coakley announced that she would have voted against the entire health care package because it included the Stupak restrictions on abortion funding.
Capuano, who had voted for the Pelosi bill with Stupak, announced that he would vote against it in the future if it included Stupak.

On the Republican side, Jack E. Robinson has entered the race. His campaign delivered cards to homes in the cities across the state. The cards claim that he is the only pro-life candidate.

Robinson was interviewed by Deborah Becker on WBUR Radio in Boston. She asked him where he stands on abortion. He answered, "Well, I would never vote for a constitutional amendment, if that's what you are asking me, but I'm personally pro-life."

This is an amazing and contradictory position for two reasons.
First, the "only pro-life candidate" obviously would want to guarantee the right to life of all by passing a constitutional amendment.
Secondly, the last time Robinson ran for the U. S. Senate he filled out the MCFL questionnaire. The first question, "Do you believe that the law should protect the right to life of each human being from conception to natural death?" Robinson answered "yes", which, of course, implies support for a constitutional amendment.

If you live in Everett, North Adams, Fall River or one of the many places where the cards were distributed, you need to share this information with everyone in your area.

We'll keep you up to date as the Primary approaches.
Anne Fox, President


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