Saturday, December 19, 2009

Action alert! Nelson caves! Abortion vote 1 AM Monday morning!

It is critical that you call Senators Kerry, 202-224-2742, and Kirk, 202-244-4543, at least ONCE before the 1 AM cloture vote on Sunday night/Monday morning!

One of our members from Framingham was told on Friday by Kirk's aide that Kirk had received 255 calls in favor of abortion funding and only 95 calls against. That must be reversed!

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) has publicly caved on a abortion "compromise" - after being promised
tens of millions of dollars of federal Medicaid funds for his home state.

The abortion "compromise" does NOT contain language similar to the Stupak amendment approved by the House which restricted government funding of abortion.

It still contains the monthly abortion fee and allows states to opt out of providing abortion coverage. So MA taxpayers will pay for the abortions in Massachusetts and for the abortions in opt-out states.

The bottom line: contrary to long standing policy, the federal government will be forcing YOU to subsidize
private health insurance plans that cover abortion -- resulting in the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.

Harry Reid believes he now has the 60 votes needed to move the abortion-laden health care bill forward. He has scheduled the all-important CLOTURE VOTE to end debate for 1 AM late Sunday night/Monday morning.


It is IMPERATIVE that you call Senators Kerry, 202-224-2742, and Kirk, 202-244-4543!

Tell them, "abortion is NOT health care!" If you wait until Monday morning it will be too late!

This is a CALL-ONLY alert because less than 48 hours remain before the Senate votes.
Thank you for your dedication!
Anne Fox, President
MCFL | 529 Main Street | Boston | MA | 02129

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