Monday, December 21, 2009

Thirty pieces of silver = billion$ in bribe$

At 1:08 AM this morning, December 21, on the darkest day of the year, Sen. Reid bought himself a vote for a bill that mandates abortion, rationing, denial of care, and denial of concsience rights.

Does that mean his vile health care is a done deal? NO!

It means we have to keep educating the public. Support for this legislation is at 32%. When it gets down into the 20's things will start happening.

It means "Letters to the Editor" and talking to everyone you encounter.

It means we have to keep contacting all our Congressmen, particularly Stephen Lynch and Richard Neal. They are scheduled to be home until Jan 11. Make arrangements now to visit their offices. Talk to your friends and neighbors who know them personally.

It means those of you who don't live in the Lynch or Neal districts must contact everyone you know who does and have them contact their congressmen.

It means contacting Sen. Kirk. A pro-life Christmas card with a polite message would be nice. You may feel that Sen Kirk has spoiled your Christmas. He can't spoil that beautiful day of joy and life!

It means voting every time you have a chance for candidates who oppose this travesty!

It means acting on the information below and sharing it with everyone you know!. Think of what life will be like under these plans!

Avon, Braintree, Bridgewater, Brockton, Canton, Dedham, Easton, East Bridgewater, Hanson, Precincts 1 and 3, Holbrook, Medfield, Milton, Needham, Norwood, Randolph, Stoughton, Walpole, Westwood, West Bridgewater, Whitman
Boston, Ward 3, Precincts 5 and 6; Ward 5, Precincts 3-5, 11; Ward 6; Ward 7, Precincts 1-9; Ward 13, Precincts 3, 7-10; Ward 15, Precinct 6; Ward 16, Precincts 2, 4-12; Ward 17, Precincts 4, 13, 14; Ward 18, Precincts 9-12, 16-20, 22, 23; Ward 19, Precincts 2, 7, 10-13; Ward 20.
Boston Office
88 Black Falcon Avenue, Suite 340
Boston, MA 02210
(phone) 617-428-2000 (fax) 617-428-2011

Brockton Office
155 West Elm Street, Suite 200
Brockton, MA 02301
(phone) 508-586-5555 (fax) 508-580-4692

Agawam, Bellingham, Blackstone, Brimfield, Brookfield, Charlton, Chicopee, Douglas, Dudley, East Brookfield, East Longmeadow, Grafton,Hadley, Hampden, Holland, Hopedale, Leicester, Longmeadow, Ludlow, Mendon, Milford, Millbury, Millville, Monson, Northampton, North Brookfield, Northbridge, Oxford, Palmer, South Hadley, Southbridge, Spencer, Springfield, Sturbridge, Sutton, Upton, Uxbridge, Wales, Warren, Webster, Wilbraham

MILFORD (508) 634-8198 (508) 634-8398 fax 2 Congress Street " Milford, MA 01757
SPRINGFIELD (413) 785-0325 (413) 747-0604 fax 300 State Street, Suite 200 " Springfield, MA 01105

62 Sawmill Road
Marston Mills 02648

Your good work has convinced more than 2/3 of your countrymen that this is a bad bill. Thank you!
Anne Fox, President

MCFL | 529 Main Street | Boston | MA | 02129

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