Thursday, October 22, 2015

Message from MA Alliance to Stop Public Funding of Abortion

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Dear fellow pro-life advocate:
Regarding the petition to stop the public funding of abortion, we now have less than one month to gather the 64,750 signatures before the deadline date of November 18. We have collected a lot of signatures, but not yet nearly enough. So please, if possible, turn your effort up a notch!
More and more churches are getting involved. Some of the results from last week include St. Mary's in Melrose (280 signatures), St. Camillus in Arlington (233 signatures), and St. Mary's in Dedham (277 signatures). Many other churches, both Catholic and Protestant, are scheduled to have signature gathering campaigns in the coming weekend. If you have not already scheduled one at your church, please do so now!
Some Catholic pastors have stated that they wanted to postpone a decision whether to allow signature gathering at their church until they heard from their bishop. Please advise these pastors of the following:
Yesterday I met with attorneys representing the Massachusetts Catholic Conference. They advised me that, in each of the four Massachusetts dioceses, each pastor was free to do as he wished on the matter. (For confirmation of this, pastors can call the Massachusetts Catholic Conference at 617-746-5630.)
Accordingly, please see your pastor ASAP and ask for permission for his parish to get involved in this important pro-life endeavor.
If you need petition sheets, these can be obtained by contacting any of the following:

Rick Holland (Chicopee) 

Joe Godek (Auburn) 

Tom Harvey (Arlington) 

Ann Corkery (Walpole) 

Barry Pierce (Gardner) 

Agatha Bodwell (Sandwich)  

Rob Aufiero (Melrose) 

Kathy Anastos (Mansfield) 

Cathy Carrigan (West Roxbury) 

Sally Healy (Braintree) 

Joe Hamel (Natick) 

Joyce Aucoin (Fitchburg) 
Dan Grayton (Methuen) 

C.J. Gangi (North Andover) 

You can also obtain petition sheets by emailing: or by calling 781-312-8755.
Thank you for whatever assistance you can provide in gathering signatures and advancing the pro-life cause in Massachusetts.
God bless you for your effort.

Tom Harvey
Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Public Funding of Abortion
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