Sunday, October 18, 2015

DPS drug same as execution drug that has been ruled "cruel and unusual punishment" - terrific article!

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When we were speaking at the public meetings on DPS we stated that the drug used in DPS is the same drug that is used in executions.  There has been trouble with side effects and inefficiency during executions and the drugs are very hard to get because the manufacturer does not want to be involved in capitol punishment.   Many executions are on hold because the courts are finding the drugs "cruel and unusual punishment".  This article from U S News and World Report is fabulous and truly opens the door to getting opponents of capitol punishment to oppose DPS!  I love the dark humor in this quote: 
"One issue with optimizing the medications is that drugs used for the purpose of killing are difficult to test for effectiveness."
This brings me back to testifying.  Someone needs to bring up the drugs.   There are many basic points that must be covered.  People have been asking that we share what we plan to cover to be sure that we cover the important points and to be sure that we don't have too much overlap.  Obvious things are stories about people who have out-lived their prognosis, about incorrect diagnoses, the concern that insurance companies will do the cheap thing rather than the right thing, the problems with depression. 
Then there are the myriad of problems with H 1991 itself: the lack of any waiting period,  the way the bill  forces doctors to be culpable, the implication that counseling for depression does not have to be done.   You will see that we have the most extreme bill in the country! 
I'll tell you what I am going to feature in my testimony: the movie, The Martian.  I hosey!  Anne
All the links you need are listed below.  There is information about transportation - please send more as you make plans.  And there is information for you to email written testimony if you can't come
Hearing:  Tuesday, Oct 27, 22015, State House, Rooms A1 and A2, 1:00pm - 5:00 pm  Come before 12:30.  It will be very crowded.  You need to get your stickers and your seat.
At the hearing, you will give the committee copies of your written testimony.  If you are not there, email to Senate Chair, and House Chair  Be sure the "subject" line says you oppose H-1991. 
Bus from Lawrence area: contact Monica:
Car pools from Worcester and West: call Sandra, 508-799-7337

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