Thursday, August 20, 2015

National Right to Life: a breath of fresh air

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I was so delighted to receive this note from Jacki Ragan at NRL.  Their wholesome, life-affirming project is just what we need to counter the sickness and degradation of all the Planned Parenthood revelations.  Thanks, Guys!  Anne


If you've been on social media recently, it is likely that The Center for Medical Progress undercover videos of Planned Parenthood's gruesome practices have dominated your news feed.  As the right-to-life movement, it is up to us to shine a light on the dark, grisly reality of abortion and to show the value and beauty of life.  That's why we are launching the "Hug a Baby" social media campaign.

This project will engage the public by inviting them to share images of their babies (born or unborn), themselves, and their children with a message about the value human life, and using the hashtag #cantputapriceonlife. 

Participants will also be asked to make a contribution to National Right to Life with the goal of funding our massive, nationwide campaign to educate tens of millions of Americans about Planned Parenthood, and urging them to help us stop tax dollars from fattening the coffers of any abortion provider.  

Here's how YOU can take part:

  • Create a unique sign with messages like: "Life is priceless," "You can't put a price on life," "Every life has value," "Love, no matter what," You can also visit (the site will be live on Thursday, August 20) to download a sign template and write your personalized message.
  • Take a picture of yourself or a loved one with a baby or child and holding the message,
  • Post this photo on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, using the hashtag:  #CantPutAPriceOnLife. 
  • Share this far and wide with other pro-lifers, and encourage them to participate in the project and hug a baby and show America that you can't put a price on life!  

Babies represent life, love, happiness, optimism, innocence, goodness and the future. This is the perfect, positive way to work against the darkness of the abortion industry. 

For their lives,
Jacki Ragan, Director
State Organizational Development
National Right to Life Committee, Inc.


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