Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"E" Update

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Dear Friends,
You are amazing!  We have received emails from dozens of people who are seriously offering to adopt "E"'s baby and from parents of children with Down Syndrome offering to talk to "E".  Amazingly enough, Joe Fitzgerald had a beautiful column in the Herald yesterday about a baby who was diagnosed before birth with Down Syndrome and was born perfectly healthy, and is now 25 years old.
Cori is forwarding all the offers hoping that they will show "E" that she is not alone, that there are people out there with love and help for her and her husband and her baby.  Cori asks that, anyone who can, please come to the abortion clinic at 480 Lynnfield Street in Lynn on Wednesday  morning at 8:00 with encouraging signs.
I have always been grateful to be part of the community of pro-life people but never more than now!
Bless you all and please keep praying!



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