Monday, April 28, 2014

Let Me Go To The Father's House

As I watched the canonization Mass yesterday, I was impressed when Raymond Arroyo said that Saint John Paul had shown us how to live and taught us how to die.  It has been a while since I recommended Let Me Go to The Father's House, the story of John Paul's final illness and death.  With all the confusion about end of life issues Let Me Go becomes more and more invaluable.  ​

It has the exact balance between doing everything that should be done to preserve life without getting carried over into the disproportionate.  And you are reading about dear JPII.  It is worth reading a first, second, or more times.  You will be refreshed and so much more confident.

While we're on the topic, please check out the talks from the MCFL Convention.  Fr Maher was very informative on the end of life,

Those of us who believe in saints believe the world now has such help! 


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