Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Warning About the Group "Save the "Children"

Lila called to say that "Save the Children" is collecting door-to-door in the West Roxbury area.  Very wisely she asked what they did.  Their agenda was so wide-ranging and global that alarms went off and she did some research.  She found this which explains all the different pro-abortion groups they work with.  Thanks to Lila being on the ball, none of us would want to consider donating to them.  Who knows where they will next be attempting to collect?

Also, thanks to Ruth, who sent along linked article, saying "This is someone who gets it!!" 

We are so lucky to have fellow pro-lifers who are aware and anxious to share their findings with us.


P.S.  Billy and I manned the Mass. Citizens table at the Worcester Men's Catholic Conference yesterday.  Those of you who are fans of Steve Ray will be glad to hear that he spoke out very strongly in defense of life - especially pre-born babies - and he had a new hat!

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